Photo Courtesy of flickr user Jeff Dray.

In a shocking turn of events, I discovered that I possess a form of technological literacy. Or at least the page I just published works under the assumption that I do. Check it out to learn more about my first experience with a computer (it involved the tracking of a certain individual named Santa Claus), whether or not I ever found Carmen San Diego, and visit the historic origins of the greatest Myspace page ever made.

The page is a result of a distinct focus on free writing and trying not to get in the way of my own writing. I put a lot of words down in a short amount of time and used that as a base and a springboard for the final writing that evolved. As I wrote I realized how easy it is for me to simply run on and on with my stories and my thoughts. The ideas were easy, but it took significant effort to focus my thoughts down into a way that formed a readable narrative with a clear-cut end goal. I admit, however, that my writing was still constructed in a fairly traditional matter. I did not think much about the elements I could add to my writing as a form of ‘new media’ writing. Hopefully I will begin to think more in depth on how to take advantage of that potential.

I’m Technologically Literate!

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