After serving time as Producer for my first podcast series episode, Pancakes for the Soul, I soon dove back in to The Web We Weave, this time as Assistant Producer for an episode analyzing Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting. With a Producer like Daniel Park at the head of the project, I knew we were destined for greatness, but I first needed to answer a question: what the heck is Every Frame a Painting?

Tony Zhou has taken his creation to unexpected heights. Courtesy of flickr user Rachel Lovinger.

Turns out, Every Frame a Painting is a film analysis video blog series. Beginning on YouTube, Tony Zhou narrates while the screen shows the different elements and strategies that filmmakers implement to make their movies ‘good.’ I remember first watching a video about Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, mostly because it was a movie I was familiar with. From there I watched a couple more and began to feel a bit more comfortable with his content

This being the second time around, I had a better idea of what this process would entail. Daniel and I had a bit less preparation than Shemi and I did for my first episode, but we were ready to go once we started recording. In a lot of ways, I think we may have had a better balance, because this time around we had less content and we were more direct in terms of our topics of conversation and what exactly we wanted to say. With Pancakes for the Soul, we probably had a bit too much content we wanted to cover and subsequently paid the price when we had to go back and edit our audio down to the 15-minute limit. Fortunately, Daniel took the lead on editing and all that jazz, so most of my work was in preparation for and execution of our recording, and he took care of the rest.

This lack of extensive preparation also gave us a better opportunity to talk about our ideas as they popped into our heads, rather than trying to recall old epiphanies and repeat them. I think this helped with our flow in the recording and kept our conversation fresh.

Given how little knowledge of the subject I had to begin, I really learned quite a bit. The way in which Tony Zhou has upped his production quality and taken his vlog in such a specific direction mirrors a lot of what television shows try to do, and made me realize just how much an individual with a vision can accomplish if they can find an online following. Tony Zhou is on to something, and I am curious to see how television will respond as the following (and skill level) of various youtuber’s continues to grow. Check out Daniel and I’s discussion here, in what is yet another exciting installment of The Web We Weave.

Every Frame a Painting
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